Benefit personal

I understand and also acknowledge more profoundly what my role in the company makes possible and what I am able to stand for.

Benefit organisation

To have someone in this role who identifies himself 100% and therefore brings forward the most of the topics he has to handle.

About the coach

Very effective and very specific. Always with a clear aim in mind. His abilities are impressive in all aspects.

What could the coach do better?
Nothing. I am very happy, that I had the chance to work with him.

Swisscom AG
Thomas Trümpi
Alliance Manager Vodafone
Benefit personal

Based on the intense self-reflection caused by the coaching, I could drastically improve my way to lead in critical situations (internally and externally). I see this in the higher success rate of reaching my targets. But also in the enhanced acknowledgment as a “natural leader”. I trust myself more to set high targets, even targets I could not think of before the coaching.

Benefit company

Thanks to the coaching the relationships to external partners are much better. Only roughly overlapping targets are now clear targets supported by both parties. We work together more based on “listening” which focuses on the partner’s “reality”. This allows to develop commonly agreed strategies which would not be thinkable before. As a consequence, the business benefit is increased on all sides..

About the coach

Overall the coaching was very effective. You must adapt to this kind of coaching, what took time at the beginning. Probably you could mention that more at the beginning. Over all I can recommend it.

Vodafone Group Services GmbH
Paul-Gerhard Itjeshorst
Head of Europe Region, Group Commercial, Partner Markets
Benefit personal

I was at the edge of a burnout and in a first step the coaching prevented to step into it. The problematic I was in, was made accessible (the problem was only in me). In a second phase I could fully accept the change I am in and I could change the way I perceived the situation. Now I am positive and concentrate on the future and my business partners.

Benefit company

Instead of losing a huge amount of knowledge, the firm gained a professional who deeply supports the whole business.

About the coach

I have no critics because it was my first coaching and on the other side I can see 100% success. (Of course there are many things still to do but I got the basics available.)

Daniel Breitenmoser
Senior Application Manager
Benefit personal
  • Development of my consciousness, reducing my Gap “Self – perception to perception by others”
  • Clarity of my life and career objectives, clarity about “what I stand for”
  • Development of my activity in the organization by strengthening my Leadership
  • Development of my feelings for people, better appreciate my Direct Reports, capable to address not only the facts but also the behavioural issues
Benefit company
  • Development of team spirit and team capability. Honesty and authenticity in the Relationships in business
  • Better conflict management, problems are directly addressed
  • Conscious organization, error culture, learning organization
About the coach

Richard Brunner understands human beings deeply and recognizes behaviour patterns quickly. He addresses them very clearly, is not always a pleasant but effective coach (has love for people but must not be always sweet).
Mr. Brunner brings the matter quickly to the point, creates intense discussion but it does not necessarily have to take long, which is very effective, and much estimated in the company environment.

Christian Petit
Leiter Privatkunden
Benefit personal

I have learned a lot about me, resolving conflicts, improve communication, motivate people, and grow a business. Great experience with Richard who was my partner in this process.
Thanks a lot to him, I can really recommend him.

Benefit company

We have been able to grow from 4 to 16 partners during this period, from 30 people to 220 people, from 8 to 50 Mio turnover in a very harmonised way.
We did develop a very international team with more than 20 nationalities with more then 10 new areas of expertise.

About the coach

Always very direct coaching. No bla bla, very direct. Be ready for being confronted with difficult questions, otherwise don’t start. Very demanding and very rewarding. Unique experience. 

Daniel Gremaud
Partner; Head of TLS Western Switzerland,
Member of the Swiss Tax Executive Committee, Member of Swiss Oversight Board
(Original in English)

Erfolg persönlich

I derived the following specific benefits from Richard’s coaching:

  • deep understanding of what drives me and ability to stand back in orderto assess situations in a more objective manner
  • enhanced relationships with all those around me
  • increased maturity and ability to develop others
  • improvement in my leadership skills which led to significant promotions at work
About the coach

Richard has had the strongest impact on my personal and professional life of anyone outside my immediate family. He is direct, thinks one step ahead of me and never lets me off the hook until everything is clear.

He is available all the time and always concentrated and focussed. His methods don’t come out of a book: he is authentic, has insight into me and knows how to trigger a change. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other coachees.

Partner, Sub-service line Leader
(Original in English)

Benefit personal

Reflecting on my own person with all its strengths and weaknesses was a closure with the past and gave me enormous peace and distance from my private and professional environment.

The confrontation with language and its use to clarify facts was a revelation for me personally. This creates new undreamt-of possibilities for my conversations.

The conscious handling of organisational issues constantly yields new perspectives.

Benefit company

A difficult company situation could be defused within 7 months. My employees got a superior who has found his values and uses them in the daily exchange.

Any other solution to this situation would have required several times the resources.

About the coach

Richard Brunner is convincing through his open and honest persistence and never leaves the role of a coach. The feedbacks are relentlessly open and encourage discussion.

Individual topics are discussed in detail, but this has always proved to be purposeful.

Each session is intensive and exciting and is worked out with simple tools and documented in a sustainable way.

Markus Schneider
Head of Operations

Benefit personal

Thanks to the coaching by Richard Brunner I have learned the following to apply:

  • Conscious use of appearance and language to control the effect on relationship level
  • Concentration on listening and capturing “the opponent” and the there arrived effect
  • More effective use of the language, “detoxifying”, effect orientation
  • Self-reflection about my fundamental values and there influence on my own thinking and presentation

This allowed me soon a more effective management of conversations with my employees and the environment.

I can express myself more clearly (less “noise”), bringing my listening and taking others seriously more in the fore-ground.

Benefit company

This allowed a successful large organization-change project with a new management team
(400 employees, 4 locations) after 5 months of preparation and two months implementing. Already clear successes after two months. I act differently with people, more open and accepting them. So I am perceived differently and be more accepted.

About the coach

Richard Brunner understands it excellently to develop a conversation along the coachee’s concrete issues / situa-tions. With his systematic and his theses he shells out important features, characteristics, effects of the behaviour and appearance of the coachee.
He uses visualization and video feedback in good measure and effectively.

Finally, I would like once again to thank you and I am pleased to see you again.

Bombardier Transportation
Dr. Christian Gerster
Vice President, Head Products & Engineering

Benefit personal

I have learned to be quiet internally, and to see the opportunities in things and not always looking back.
Furthermore, I have developed personally to present myself more to the point. I also speak about things that do not fit my expectations and explain also the why.

Benefit company

Feedback from an external listener: “He was very excited about your presentation and your whole appearance,
your commitment and your marketing oriented thinking!
I honestly never seen him so, I think he was really surprised about your development“

About the coach

The effectiveness of the coaching can be classified as very good, as well as the skills of the coach. I can give this feedback especially because not only I feel my development rather I get this confirmation, especially in the working environment, continuously.

Electrolux Professional AG
Sebastian Hupe
Reg. Marketing Manager D/A/CH

Benefit personal

Mr. Brunner told me through his coaching just how “instincts” can trigger behaviours and how they restrict oneself in future courses of action. In my view, decisive for the success of the coaching was a clear, direct, “unsparing” way, as Mr. Brunner speaks to the issues. This meant that I can recognize the patterns of behaviour discussed in my daily activities because of the crystal clear designation. While coaching my thoughts went far beyond the actual session with the actual matter. It was a thought process in motion which continues and allows me to recognize restrictive behaviour.

A special ad-on for me is the pattern “Authentic, Accept, Intention, Communicate” – in particular, I am convinced that it will help me to take responsibility in future (in line with my values and my life purpose). In this sense, I felt the coaching to be very effective – it has been initiated a thought process which is still continuing.

Dr. iur./Rechtsanwalt/dipl. Steuerexperte; Director

Benefit personal
For me personally, the greatest gain is the conscious change of my personal approach to a consistently future-oriented view. In addition, there is the ability to consciously engage openly and clearly with one’s counterpart in various situations and to conduct conversations as genuine communication.
Benefit company
The training helped my managing director colleague and me to understand and accept each other much better. It tore down barriers and restraints. The whole company benefits from the energy released in the process, as it is not uselessly lost in communication.
About the coach
If anyone should ever ask me for a very good coach for managers, I will immediately suggest you. The sessions are always intense, exhausting and relentless, but at the same time always full of mutual respect and understanding. You let guide you by the speed of your counterpart. I don’t know how to do this better or more effectively. I never had the feeling that there was lost time. Thank you.

AIS Automation Dresden GmbH
Dirk Sauer

Benefit personal
  • I have changed my attitude towards myself and strengthened my focus on what effect I want to achieve
  • In the future, I will pay attention to my behaviour with regard to my effect and continuously review it.
  • I will align my leadership style even more consciously and specifically to trust and appreciation.
  • Your problem is not my problem
  • I will more consciously exemplify the relationship to work and to my projects.
Benefit company
  • Through my “new” management style, I lead employees who take on responsibility and complete their work and projects sustainably, motivated and satisfied.
  • Through my impact, I transfer values such as trust and esteem beyond our department to other employees of Stadtwerk Winterthur.
  • The company has in me a motivated, motivating and loyal employee who sets an example.
About the coach
Richard, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and patience. You have given me a new outlook on life for which I am very grateful. You have the ability never to lose the goal and have always responded to my current condition. You have the ability to lead me in such a way that I had to work everything out by myself and so everything grew on my own sustainable “crap”. I don’t know what you could or should have done differently with me. I am allowed to consciously take so much out of our half year of working together that I have never experienced before in all my seminars and courses. MANY THANKS!
Stadtwerk Winterthur
Alex Hug
Leiter Engineering Energie Contracting
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