Below some typical questions of my clients. Many of them come from the professional environment. Behind them, there are often very personal questions which can have a big influence of how we are observed and how we are. We touch the wohle field of personal characteristics and their impact.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I am investing a lot of time for my team and still all the same, conflicts ongoingly.
  • I am working hard and communicate
    intensely, yet the employees
    do whatever they want.
  • They say I’m often arrogant.
  • I want to know what I’m working for.
  • My employees keep delegating work back to me.

Where the journey is heading for...

  • Now, I can really develop with my employees what I always wanted.
  • Our efficiency as a team has come to a new level.
  • Quite interesting how you show us our human side that we can make peace and deal with each other more freely.
  • It’s really fun now to open up to people and listen closely to them.
  • I have developed in such a way as to become a candidate for the CEO.


Benefit personal

I have learned to be quiet internally, and to see the opportunities in things and not always looking back.
Furthermore, I have developed personally to present myself more to the point. I also speak about things that do not fit my expectations and explain also the why.

Benefit organisation

Feedback from an external listener: “He was very excited about your presentation and your whole appearance,
your commitment and your marketing oriented thinking!
I honestly never seen him so, I think he was really surprised about your development“

About the coach

The effectiveness of the coaching can be classified as very good, as well as the skills of the coach. I can give this feedback especially because not only I feel my development rather I get this confirmation, especially in the working environment, continuously.

Electrolux Professional AG
Sebastian Hupe
Reg. Marketing Manager D/A/CH

Benefit personal

I was at the edge of a burnout and in a first step the coaching prevented to step into it. The problematic I was in, was made accessible (the problem was only in me). In a second phase I could fully accept the change I am in and I could change the way I perceived the situation. Now I am positive and concentrate on the future and my business partners.

Benefit organisation

Instead of losing a huge amount of knowledge, the firm gained a professional who deeply supports the whole busi-ness.

About the coach

I have no critics because it was my first coaching and on the other side I can see 100% success. (Of course there are many things still to do but I got the basics available.)

Daniel Breitenmoser
Senior Application Manager

Benefit personal
  • Development of my consciousness, reducing my Gap “Self – perception to perception by others”
  • Clarity of my life and career objectives, clarity about “what I stand for”
  • Development of my activity in the organization by strengthening my Leadership
  • Development of my feelings for people, better appreciate my Direct Reports, capable to address not only the facts but also the behavioural issues
Benefit organisation
  • Development of team spirit and team capability. Honesty and authenticity in the Relationships in business
  • Better conflict management, problems are directly addressed
  • Conscious organization, error culture, learning organization
About the coach

Richard Brunner understands human beings deeply and recognizes behaviour patterns quickly. He addresses them very clearly, is not always a pleasant but effective coach (has love for people but must not be always sweet).
Mr. Brunner brings the matter quickly to the point, creates intense discussion but it does not necessarily have to take long, which is very effective, and much estimated in the company environment.

Christian Petit
Leiter Privatkunden

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