• What’s my effect on people and why?
  • What’s my relationship to people and myself?
  • How do I communicate?
  • How do I deal with conflicts?
  • What would really be possible if…?
  • What would express myself fully?


  • Reflecting on personal situations
  • Demonstrating informal, hidden structures
  • Solving conflicts
  • Discovering believes/cultures influencing behaviour
  • Joint orienting on a target / behavior
  • Introducing values and designing their effects accordingly
EMCC Accreditation Master Practitioner
Master of Business NLP
Systemic Constellations
Identity Compass

If you are now interested in a cooperation with me, just call me over the phone or send me an e-mail. I’ll be happy to arrange a briefing which will clarify in an informal talk if we’ll suit each other.

At this first meeting, we’ll agree on the best suitable methods, conditions and the period of time of our future cooperation.

Each coaching process is individual and needs time. I’ll invest my time with pleasure for you and your needs.

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