Making full use of your potential as a CEO

On the basis of an AC, it became clear that the candidate has the potential for a CEO, but needs assistance to make use of his potential. Coaching allowed him to extend his understanding as a leader and changed his behaviour. Shortly afterwards, he was appointed CEO and managed the company for 8 years with success

New job as production manager

A newly recruited top-level Technical Manager says he would never have got the job without my coaching. His general view, especially on leadership, developed greatly thanks to our work and allows him to tackle difficult situations in-depth and with calm even today.

More time

Cooperation with an employee on the same level was difficult and often not productive. He complained about having no time for himself and his family. Coaching allowed him to make cooperation efficiently; he accepted additional responsibilities and has more time for himself and his family now.

Promotion to Head of Subsidiary

Internal career planning provided for a candidate to be promoted from a staff function to a line function. Intellectually, he was found fit for the job, but needed assistance concerning obligingness and social intelligence. Today, he is a successful leader of a company with 40 employees.

All clear for future career

A seasoned professional and head of project is faced with new steps possibly to be taken in the company. He doesn’t know if this is quite what he wants. By clarifying his hidden evaluations and what is inspiring him, he is now able to make his choice of options within the company. The company can thus go on counting on his excellent expertise and use it optimally.

Value-oriented leadership

The introduction of value-oriented leadership was made on a very intellectual level. A one-day discussion of the subject with the team brought new insights which are now turning thinking and doing in a new direction.

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