About Richard

Richard Brunner

Team coaching and individual coaching for more than 25 years.

Heading of team- and leadership programs all over Europe.

Electrical engineer, 20 years of professional experience.
Personally I “survived” quite a few of life shakings,
with all the accompanying emotions!»

With extensive experience, especially in individual coaching, as a job assessor, and in working with teams, I quickly analyse demanding starting situations, by carving out the key points.

With a deep understanding of people, I stay on the point in a personal conversation and stand for new perspectives and actions.

As an electrical engineer, I know the business requirements to be considered. Together with the participants, I work out new perspectives on themselves and the situation. Behavioural coaching is mainly about the individual.

Self-understanding and the ability to reflect is for me the basis of every change.

Leadership begins with effective self-leadership and good resilience. Those who want to lead without hierarchical power need the ability to inspire people for their ideas. That is, communication as a result of a clear attitude and a clear intention as the cause of their own impact, is personally understood and made congruent. This results in reliable and committed action and impact.


«Richard Brunner understands human beings deeply and recognizes behaviour patterns quickly. He addresses them very clearly, is not always a pleasant but effective coach (has love for people but must not be always nice).
Mr. Brunner brings the matter quickly to the point, creates intense discussion but it does not necessarily have to take long, which is very effective, and much estimated in the company environment.»

Christian Petit, Swisscom

Leiter Privatkunden

«Always very direct coaching. No blabla, very direct. Be ready for being confronted with difficult questions, otherwise don’t start. Very demanding and very rewarding. Unique experience.»

Daniel Gremaud, PWC

Partner; Head of TLS Western Switzerland, Member of the Swiss Tax Executive Committee, Member of Swiss Oversight Board

My coaching qualifications

EMCC Accreditation Master Practitioner
Master of Business NLP
Systemic Constellations
Identity Compass
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